Welcome to Northwest Working Giants! Thank you for your interest in our dogs! Here, you will find the true XXL working GIANTS, not bred from the "coat tail's" of someone else's program, but coming from our very own "ELLIS" strain of "CHEVY" blood truly at its finest!

Our program has proven itself over and over again in the last two decades. Many have chosen our bloodline for a special building block in their own programs.

We believe strongly in weight pulling our personal dogs and using these champions in our program. If you are looking for an XXL weight pulling Champion, a personal protection dog, a wonderful pet to add to your family or even a family home guardian, then one of our Giant's is the one for you! You can count on Size, Structure, Temperament, Looks, and a pedigree that is hard to match when getting one of our dogs. Males 100-140 lbs, females 80-125 lbs, Foundation bloodlines consist of CHEVY, CAMELOT, Castillo, and we have some game bloodlines from Bullyson, Patrick's, and Tant's. our program consists of 5-6 generations of our personal dogs! We offer a health and SIZE guarantee with our dogs. Puppy picks are made upon agreement and in the order that the deposits are received, Deposits are non-refundable but can be transfered to another future breeding. We offer the basics in weight pull training to any pup that leaves here for a discounted rate.

As you may have already discovered, there are people that say they have 100-130 lb dogs. A lot of people stretch their pics and the true weight (ideal weight, not hog fat) of their XXL dogs. You won't find any "stretching" here at NWWG.....our dogs speak for themselves! Take a look at our offspring page or check us out at a show, the proof is in the pudding! If you're looking for the True XXL RED NOSE WORKING GIANT, dont settle for a "watered down" version of your next desired XXL WORKING DOG, come to the source of the TRUE XXL WORKING GIANTS! And get exactly what you are looking for GUARANTEED! We give BIG discounts to all weight pull homes. All dogs are ADBA registered.


All deposits are non-refundable.

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